Made from 100% recycled nylon

(including abandoned fishing nets)

The yarns we use for the Excellence collection fully consist of 100% regenerated ECONYL® nylon. This yarn is made of both post-consumer and post-industrial waste. Used fishing nets are one of the main components. The fishing nets are ground up and reclaimed into the raw material ECONYL® caprolactam through an ingenuous process. New yarn is made from this material.

The unique characteristics of Excellence Clean-Off-Zones

Dirt & moisture absorbing
Improving the indoor climate
Save on maintenance cost
Slip resistant
Noise absorbing
Fire proof
Sustainable solution

How does it work?

Walking over a Excellence Clean-Off-Zone effectively cleans your shoe soles due to the optimal friction that arises. The coarse filaments of the yarn provide an extra brushing effect. The specifically developed finer filaments give Excellence the functional properties that ensure the aspect is retained even after intensive use. Excellence will look great for a very long time. The cut-pile construction ensures that Excellence is very easy to clean.